Secure, Reliable Unmanaged Web Hosting solutions

The current trend is such that, any individuals or businesses would like to have their own web server to be secure and to have complete control over their critical data or their presence on the internet.

Node Junction was founded by a team of Web Hosting and Web Server Administrators who bring in over 20 years of collective experience and knowledge on web server administration. Our founders’ vision was to provide solutions and services that were different than conventional or shared hosting services. And it is our goal to make even novice webmasters to use managed VPS services in the near future and benefit by its seamless features over control, security and performance.

We offer Unmanaged Hosting Services by providing Virtual Private Servers, backed with cutting-edge infrastructure and latest technology. We also provide sophisticated tools and applications with full administration rights with ssh control for efficient server management.

It is proved by Node Junction time and again on delivering quality services by maintaining the uptime above 99.92% with top performance.

How We Do?

Our Vision

To be the leader in both unmanaged and managed Virtualization and Dedicated solutions by delivering quality comprehensive range of services.

Our Mission

Consistently deliver the highest quality services at affordable prices to drive the growth of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

Our Approach

Proactive approach of investing on the top class hosting infrastructure.

Continuous improvement and empowering ourselves to empower our customers.


Uptime 99.92%
Network Stability 99.99%